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Finally finished the demon concept for my sfw comic for Monster Anthology artbook!

Guys, if you missed the kickstarter for the books, you can still pre-order them HERE!

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Daily Sketch 06 

Harpy and their child. Slowly developing characters for a story

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Daily Sketch 05

My OC Failafina [fy-luh-fih-nah]

reference: http://dark-tarou.deviantart.com/art/White-Dress-Stock-2-17281052

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Daily Sketch 04

My OC Chlerlan. Even the mightiest war brutes need to go shopping!

pose reference: http://vishstudio.deviantart.com/art/Male-Stock-326261649

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Daily Sketch 03 (or drawing even?)

My OC Zheneha. Drew him as a reference for our sketch trade event today :3 it was really fun! Got tons of fanarts of him.

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Daily Sketch 02

OCs Life and Death

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Slowly developing a character for a story :)

I will be posting daily sketches here from now on, to keep the blog alive while I work on artbook pieces (also, some old uni stuff, I promise, I won’t spam you guys ;’))

Also, THANK YOU GUYS FOR YOUR SONG SUGGESTIONS! PLEASE KEEP THEM COMING IF YOU CAN @W@ in here —> http://dark-tarou.tumblr.com/post/95373124723/whats-your-summer-jam

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What’s your summer jam?

Hey guys, as summer is coming to an end (and I am running out of new music to listen to) so I thought maybe you guys would care to share your favorite tunes that made YOUR summer?

I personally got pretty into ◆◆Bastille - Of the Night◆◆ last month and I still dig it! (not a very summery song but oh well).

Can’t wait to hear your favorite songs!