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holy crap your art is really dang good

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My submission to the Hannibal artbook :’) I was super lucky to contribute my work for this book (I am still waiting for my copy haha). Being a part of a 13crowns studio books was one of my little dreams thank you for making it come true!

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How Hannibal S02E04 should have ended

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A part of my innovations project where I discussed the importance of colour and light in creating a certain mood/ telling a narrative.

These drawings where made as an experiment. I wanted to see, If colouring a horror image in pleasant colours and lighting will make it more, or will it make it less scarier than the image coloured in very common horror colour and lighting schemes.

Which version do you find more effective?

(I personally believe it’s the horror colour version, but I know people who found the pleasant version scarier, proving how metaphorical our individual colour perception is).

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Try-outs for the SFW are here!

Try-outs for the NSFW are here!

Tonight at 12AM Mountain Time Zone, the open try-outs for this volume will be closing, so send in all your last minute applications!

Good luck!

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I encourage everyone to watch this heartbreaking documentary about the dissolution of the accomplished and lauded visual effects studio Rhythm & Hues (where some friends of mine worked), yet another high-profile casualty of the collapsing VFX industry due the turbulent, ill-structured quagmire that is the movie business. My old buddy Scott Leberecht did a wonderful job directing and editing this story. Definitely worth 30 minutes of your time, particularly if you make your living where art and commerce overlap.

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