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A little character sketch from today!

Also, I got my 3000th follower today as well, this is a sign for another giveaway. .. *rubbs hands*

On the down note, i got a cold :’c just when I got into some serious art production… :*( I hope it won’t last for long….

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I will be drawing at nowJapan!

Hey all the lithuanian folk and all the international guests who are gonna come to nowJapan tomorrow, make sure to visit me and more other awesome artists at the Artist Alley! I am bringing all my gear and will be drawing live for you guys, so if you are up to see some weird anime fanarts drawn live, please come bye! :’) 

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Daily Sketch 09

The Harpy a The Spider (aka these OCs need names)

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Daily Sketch 08

A few practice sketches a did using SenshiStock’s great reference app http://senshistock.com/sketch/# Checking out her work is a must!

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Daily Sketch 07

My OC Naya: one of my oldest, most powerful and, definitely, one of the oddest characters I’ve ever created

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Characters for a short film me and my course-mates never got to make

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