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Inktober #19

Catching up with inktober drawings…

The Corinthian from The Sandman series

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Inktober #18

Punpun in a pumpkin

I am reading Oyasumi Punpun atm, it’s so addictive!

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Inktober #17

More Garnet! She was super bad ass in the newest Steven Universe episode!

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I won’t be round for a while here(except for twitter because that’s the only app that works on my poop phone) because my laptop is in repair and I will get it only next week(probably)

I’m using my sister’s laptop for a bit to check my email and sometimes a bit of tumblr

so maybe some of you…

Hey all! My best friend is in a really tight budget situation right now so it would be really kind of you to check out her ink commissions, even if you can’t afford/don’t want to order any just taking a moment to check out her art would still mean a lot! ;A;

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Inktober #16

Asami fanart! I grew to love her after the 3rd season of Korra c:

Feeling pretty uninspired these days though…

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Super super messy and super super late inktober #15


*falls asleep*

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Inktober #14

Garnet thinking about things

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Inktober #13OC Letli, she’s a reaper

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